Historical Information

Crestholme Presbyterian Church was organized in November 1923 with twenty members, two Elders, and one Deacon. The Rev. J. W. Harrison was the first pastor. Preceding organization a Sunday School was formed in July 1923 under the direction of Rev. J. L. McMurray. Following early growth and decline during the difficult days of the depression yeays, thr church took an upswing during thr war and early post-war years under the longest pastorate, that of Dr. F. M. Davis, 1941-1952.

In 1954, a decision was made to relocate to the present location. During the next ten years, the present facilities, including a manse, were built while Dr, Jack C. Ramsay and the Rev. Will Fred Galbraith were Pastors. In June 1955, the first unit, including a Fellowship Hall and Class Rooms were ready for use. The Sanctuary and Offices were completed in January 1964.

The Church has always operated out of a deep sense of commitment to a mission of service to the Southeast San Antonio Community and continues to do so in this its 89th year of service.

Crestholme Pastors

October 1923-September 1924
The Rev. J. W. Harrison
October 1924-October 1927
The Rev. J. Ludwell Davis
October 1927-July 1932
The Rev. G. J. Craven
July 1932-May 1939
The Rev. J. Leighton Green
July 1939-May 1940
The Rev. Leslie O’Conner
May 1940-September 1941
The Rev. Charles B. Brown
September & October 1941
The Rev. Frank Mc Elroy
October 1941-1952
Dr. Francis M. Davis
Dr. Jack C. Ramsay
The Rev. Will Fred Galbraith
The Rev. Joe T. Sheeler
The Rev. David T. Moore
January 1977-1979
The Rev. Murdoch McRae
1980 Interim
The Rev. Edgar Graham
Dr. Claude Wilson-Stayton &
Dr. Margaret Wilson-Stayton
Mar 1984-January 1985 Interim
The Rev. Edgar Graham
February 1985-August 1992
The Rev. Patricia L. Lane
1992-1993 Interim
The Rev. William R. Jones, Jr.
September 1993-December 1996
The Rev. Ron W. Jones
February 1997 Temporary Stated Supply
The Rev. William R. Jones, Jr.
June 1997-June 2007 Part-Time Pastor
The Rev. William R. Jones, Jr.
Mid 2007-Mar 2013
Layman Virgil Peterson &
The Rev. John A. Shute
Mar 2013
Layman Virgil Peterson &
The Rev. Stephen Nickle